There are some people that are free spirits, they are like water you can't hold them back, always flowing their ways, always changing their form, always adapting and some others are like stone, trustworthy and reliable to build into.

My name came from "piedra" wich is the spanish word for stone, i dont think my name could define me, but in this terms it kinda does, im more like stone than water, the stone cant change water, cant affect it in signifcant way, if you throw a rock into a river you could disturbed it for a while but in the end the rock would dissapear in the bottom of the river even though the water erodes stone, carve it, mould it, changing the stone forever.

Some relations are like water and stone in some ways, but it isnt a bad thing, have you seen the fjords? they are a beautiful match between water and stone.

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